We have been repairing domestic appliances in East Lancashire since 1978, so you're in the right place for some expert help.

For large appliances - Dishwashers, Electric Cookers/Ovens, Tumble Dryers, Washing Machines - we provide repairs in the home (call-outs) for Pendle, Burnley, and the Barlick area. We do have a small minimum charge for new customers. Postcodes covered are...

BB8 - BB9 - BB10 - BB11 - BB12 - BB18

Bring your small appliances - Flymos, GHDs, Microwaves, PCs, Vacuums - into our workshop for a free estimate.


This is where we could write a load of fake testimonials (like our rivals do), but we've been around for long enough, so we don't need them. Ask your family/friends/neighbours about how good we are. Ok - just a few fake testimonials then - for the lulz.

Jackie from Nelson

"ZOMG!!! Not only did the engineer fix my dishwasher, but he was levitating 6 inches above the ground the whole time he was doing it. Amazing! Will use again."

Bob from Wherever

"My dog had a broken leg before the engineer from Trudgills came to fix our washing machine. Now it doesn't. Coincidence? I think not!"